My Name is James

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Now retired and living on the Isle of Man, I find that I am now working twice as hard as I have ever done in the past, just not getting paid for it, which is about right I suppose.


Life has changed for me over the years, from the good old days of Yachting, through IT, Graphic Design, back to IT and finally the challenges of doing up a small property on the Island where I now live which I can see taking me around at least another 25 years to finish, that said, I have found a new love in the form of power tools and learning how to use them, it may be a costlier path to take me down of late, after all, how many routers does a guy need? But that said it keeps me busy and my mind off things that get you down…

About a few years back I decided to get rid of a few hobbies’ that I no longer enjoyed, this meant dumping a load of stuff out of the house and freeing up some well needed space, and time to concentrate on a couple of other tasks, with the house being one of them…



I find myself thinking over, not the mistakes of my life, which there are way too many, but the stupid errors that I have made over the many years, along with those that I still care about even though I very much doubt it would not be reciprocated, or even still be a distant memory to some.

I suppose like many we often look back over our small impact on the areas of the planet that we live on and how it has affected others, sometimes we think about the changes that we have made that we regret, such as big career changes that you wish you had never made or those we have loved totally and lost due to stupidity or just plain being scared.



I doubt if this website will right any wrongs or correct things that I have done in the past, it will possibly just end up being yet another rant by a grumpy old man about what ends up annoying him in the day to day of life on a rock run by shop keepers…

Professional Skills

Graphics and Visual Effects


Autodesk Maya/Softimage

I started off using Newtek’s LightWave but after a few years working with small but fun studios, I worked for Autodesk as a Support/Troubleshooter for the many large VFX houses starting with Softimage that I really grew to love and then finally Maya which there is no equal once mastered.


Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

Photoshop has been the one main product that I have had to master over the last 25 plus years, I now often create Templates and Actions for distribution on Graphic River and Creative Market and a few other on-line resources and have even managed to write a few plug-ins for my own personal use to aid my 3D applications.


Cinema 4D & Arnold

I came across Cinema 4D a long time ago and have noticed that over the last 5 years or so that it has been taken up by quite a few of the larger production house, especially now that it has the Arnold Renderer, its production use is now up there with Maya and Softimage and has even managed to slightly overtake Maya with regards to Motion Graphics and Speed.


Web Design, HTML, PHP, CSS & Phython

I find Web Design very relaxing and for me it’s a stress relief, although nowadays the actual programming in HTML and CSS has been replaced somewhat with customizing and template creation for WordPress and Divi, I still really enjoy creating sites for those that appreciate it.

General Skills


Woodworking & Carpentry

I used to hate working with wood when I was at school, but absolutely love it now, it has cost me way too much in tools, but I regard this outlay as well worth it, my main interests are furniture making and restoration, down to fine woods and hand cut dovetail joints, I love routers and putting them through there paces, and recently CNC and Large wooden ship models has meant that my skill set is always expanding.



DIY in general is something that we all have to get to grips with nowadays to keep the bills down, and I will handle anything from Electrics, Plumbing, Tiling and even Glazing, although I still have a dislike of messy stuff like concreting, this means though that I can save load and only have to call someone in to either sign off on stuff or help when things get slightly beyond me.


Computers, IT & Networking

Costing me more than one relationship, IT has been something that I could never avoid, when I retired, I was Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNP (ex CCIE), HP ASE, and Checkpoint CCSME qualified to name just a few. Since being retired I have tried to stay a little knowledgeable but  now its just an enjoyment to just play with VFX packages on both Mac and PC.

There are two great days in a persons life

The day we are born and the day we discover why!