This Application ” ” Cannot be Opened

Don’t you just hate it when you download an Application off the Internet and then copy it to your Applications folder only to find that you cannot run it?

Stating ‘This Application Cannot be Opened’.


There are loads of ways to fix this, but this is the one that I find the easiest / quickest for me…

Find the Application in the ‘Applications’ folder and then ‘Right-Click’ on it to select ‘Show Package Contents’ You should see a folder labelled ‘Contents’, go into this and look for the folder labelled ‘MacOS’.

New Terminal at Folder

Right-Click on the Folder ‘MacOS’, go down to ‘Services’ and select ‘New Terminal at Folder’, this will open a Terminal window somewhere on your desktop.

Terminal Window

You should see a window very similar to mine above, obviously your computer name will be different (i.e. James-iMAc) and the end will be different where you see the user of the Mac (i.e. jamessawle), but if you have done this right you should see the ‘MacOS’ in the middle in the line, this tells you that you are in the directory/folder called ‘MacOS’.

You now need to type the following:

chmod +x {application name}

In my example I typed the following:

chmod +x SiteSucker

After hitting the return key you may notice that if you were inside the ‘MacOS’ folder in Finder that the icon may change, ignore this, it is not a problem.