My Work Diary for the Discovery 2

Below you will find information on work that I have done to the Discovery 2 since I purchased it.

14th November 2019

Carried out by Myself

Mileage : 83,993

  • Added STS Diesel Injector Conditioner to a full tank of Diesel

Cost including labour:

 £ 7:25


Added Diesel fuel additive to a full tank, this needs to be repeated every 2000 miles, I will possibly re-do this once I have replaced the Fuel Filter in the near future. 

16th November 2019

Carried out by Myself

Mileage : 83,999

  • Diagnose problem with no acceleration when you most need it.

Cost including labour:

 £ 20:00


Had Jason come round after contacting me off the LandyZone forum, he helped me diagnose the problem with the lack of boost when you most needed it, we went for a drive with his Nanocom plugged in and nticed that the MAF was not producing any changes in voltages as expected.

The MAF is Item Number 6 in the image below.

He happened to have a known good working one with him that was a spare so we fitted this into the car and not only did we see the responces from the Nanocom that we were expecting but the car failed to show the same problem that I was experiancing before, so at least we seem to have found the fault. Jason offered me the spare for just £20 which was very kind of him, especially as it saved me a great deal.

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