Drake T-4X Power Supply Project

Feb 5, 2019Restoration

A good friend has just past onto me an old home-made power supply for Drake equipment, and namely the other piece of equipment that I have also been given which I have in another post here, i.e. the Drake T-4X transmitter which I have also been kindly given by Douglas (GD3RFK).

The power supply was orriginally made by another old Ham on the island Mike Farrent (GD4BEG) and it’s a typical Mike project, as in it will work, it will do the job, it may not look pretty and it is bound to be made up of many old units.

Mike is one of those guys who I have a great respect off, he was a proper engineer working with Valve and big RF equipment.

I was very lucky to be given a lot of stuff from when Mike moved home and he needed a clear-out of he old workshops, looking back I should have grabbed more when I had the chance, especially as I have been restoring a couple of things of his now, the KW Vanguard and the Hellicrafter to name a couple or the larger projects I have on the go.

This power supoply is typical Mike though, it may not look pretty, in fact it looks like it was built in the morning to operate in the afternoon like most of his project builds, it must have been fun to be around Mike when he was working on stuff like this.

The very first thing that I will be doing with this is working out how it works, to do tis I will be drawing out a schematic so that I can check what should be happening, after that and some checking with a multimeter, when I am happy with it I will switch on and test again, obviously without a Drake set connected, if all goes right then, I may just have to rebox this into a new case and clean up, you never know I may be able to fit this inside of a Drake PSU Case if I can locate one, may just be worth the challenge.

As I said before, its not pretty, it was not meant to be, its meant to work in a ‘get the job done’ principle which hopefully it still does.

Some of the components look as though they just may have been installed not to long ago, but I will have to just check them anyway, all of the capacitors I will check with an ESR meter, I may even just remove these to cklean up around them before refitting them back into place, although the unit is somewhat ‘make-shift’, with a bit of a clean up it will look quite good anyway.

The underside of the unit shows off the good old tag board approach to building stuff the olde world way, simplistic and very nostelgic, god I love the old days.