Introducing my Discovery 2

 This is not really a project, well not yet as the car works well, but I will be hopefully updating a few things as I go forward with this car, so I will post the history as I go.

I have so far been lucky enough to upgrade slowly through the Land Rover range, well kind of anyway, having never owned a series Landy I started with the one that I like the most, The Defender 110, as an everyday car I soon purchased the Discovery 1, although a rust bucket and kind of beyond the hope of ever restoring it properly I ran it until it stopped, the problem being the Transfer Box and without the luxury of a ramp or life I just parked her up with the view to scrapping her by taking out what I can use as a donor parts for the Defender, i.e. the engine, gearbox and axels, and maybe a few other parts as well.

So for along time now I have been without anything Land Rover related, I ended up with a Peugeot which was actually alright, and later a VW which was a lovely ride but had so many problems.

I then was shown this car and offered it, what could I say…

I went to look at it and it looked alright, a bit of a strange one though, it is labelled as a XS model but it seems a little basic for this model, but certainly not complaining, she has the small signs of wear, and a couple of small rust spots on the roof along with the tell-tale bubbling along the top of the front window which means that the sunroof has a problem and will need sorting, but even this is not too problematic. 

The internals are very clean and also basic, no electric sunroof, or leather seats, it’s the 5 seat model so the rear seats are just storage bins, and there is a cheap Android clone radio installed which I still have to make my mind up about, ideally I want to replace it with an Alpine head unit, but the car play model that I like is nearly £700 so out of the question at the moment or at least until I have fixed a few of the other problems with the car first.

Things that need to be done fairly soon are:

  •  A proper FULL service, one that includes a Gearbox flush and oil change, there is no mention of this in the history and so called land Rover garages don’t even do this as per norm
  • Need to buy some Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Need to check the Westegate Valve and Control Unit out, something is not right with one of these, but to test these I need to first find an Air Pressure Test Kit that goes up to 20psi, a lot only go to 10psi.
  • The rear end is starting to look a tad bad, its not rusty to the point of holes, but in a few years it just might be, So I need to get a few brushes for the drill and some Hammarite and Wax Oil, its wont be a long job but it needs doing sooner rather than later.
  • Test the battery and maybe swap it out for the old one I have from the Discovery 1, its basically been on a Smart Charge since it was removed from the car and is as good as new.
  • Check out the internal Wiring, The wiring looks as though its been played with, it might be because of the after-market radio, but it looks a bit messy and there is a panel missing from underneath the passenger side front dash, not really view-able unless you look, but I want the car complete as best I can.
  • Need a mat for the back of the car, carpet is clean and I want to keep it so.
  • Rear ABS Sensor needs checking, cleared down the light on the dash after making a note of it, but needs checking still.
  • Jack Up car and remove wheels and check hubs, clean and check brakes whilst I do this.
  • There are a couple of rust patches on the roof that need to be sanded down and cleaned,  will see about getting some colour-matched paint for the car before doing this, and also now that I have a large dent in the roof and a big scruff mark, this will need doing much sooner than later.
  • Diagnose problem with M & S lights flashing on dash and vehicle being in limp mode, this can either be bad battery, broken wiring either on the passenger side under glove box or under center console, the worse case it could be the XYZ switch which is not a cheap repair.
  • The dreaded leaky sunroof, did not show itself when I first looked at the vehicle, but its been raining a lot of late and has shown signs of a small leak in the normal spot that they appear.
  • Rear heated window does not seem to work so need to check the wiring.
  • Fit heated seats into car – really hate a cold bum on a cold morning.

This list may be getting a bit longer before too long as I find other things that need doing, it’s a Land Rover, you buy them to play with, not to drive!


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