New Toys for the Workshop

Aug 11, 2020Radio Stuff, Woodworking


It’s like Busses, They all comee at once…

I sore an advert on Faceache for a small CNC Router which I have been after for awhile now, although I have my heart set on a much lrger one forwoodworking projects, this will do nicely for another project that I need, and that is PCB prototyping, this will save a small fortune in getting boards made up when I am in the middle of testing.

Then while I was picking up this it was mentioned that the person that originally owned this also had a much more useful Metal Lathe for sale along with some extras which I kind of could not refuse.

So I have now ended up with a small CNC and a Metal Lathe for the new workshop. 

6030 Chinese CNC Router/Engraver