The Elusive Battery Bolt

Job Title:

Estamated Time:

Install New Battery

30 Minutes


Actual Time Taken:


1 Week 3 Days

Tools Required:

10mm Rachet Spanner
13mm Rachet Spanner

Parts Required:

1 x Negative Cable Assembly (YTB101240) @ £41:87
from Rimmer Bros

1 x Taptite Screw (FA106251L) @ £ 1:88
from Rimmer Bros

1 x Turnbuckle for Battery Cover (DZM100070) @ £ 1:67
from Rimmer Bros

1 x Battery Cover Retaining Washer (DYF100690) @ £ 1:88
from Rimmer Bros

I decided the change the battery, I mean the battery is old, well two months old to be exact! Nope I am not joking, It is a new battery, but it’s not what I would have fitted, it has a max ‘Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of just 720, there are better batteries out there and when I tested the one in the car it was not really as good as it stated on the tin (So to speak).

I fitted a new battery that advertised 130Ah and a CCA of 950+ when tested with a Solar BA7 Battery Tester.

The problems started here though, The positive terminal came off OK but the Negative was another problem.

I had to use the breaker bar to just make the nut move, and after a few turns it just snapped off, thankfully falling out of the clamp meaning that at least I could get the battery swapped out, at this point I did not see that it used a special nut.

I was not able to find a replacement for the stupid nut and bolt anywhere locally or on the internet, I checked on most of the forum ( and soon found out with the help of others that this is a well known gripe and that I would have to order a complte Negative Cable Assembly, which of course would not be as cheap as a simple nut and bolt!

Items that I will be ordering:

1 x YTB101240 – Cable Battery Negative for Diesel Engine (Item Number 11 above)

1 x FA106251L – Screw Taptite (Item Number 13 above)

1 x DZM100070 – Turnbuckle for Battery Cover (Item number 10 above)

1 x DYF100690 – Battery Cover Retaining Washer (Item number 14 above)

I only really need the first item, but my thoughts here are I may as well get a new ‘Taptile Screw (FA106251L) as it’s a cheap part anyway and it is a grounding point for the car, so a new screw installed here would benefit the car anyway.

The other two items are purely cosmetic, the hold the battery cover down and in my car they are missing, so I thought that I would replace these as well while I was at it. 

Just over a week later I got a small parcel from John Craddock’s which included all the stuff that I ordered, and especially the negative battery lead, before fitting this lead I will make a note of the dimensions that that I can hopefully make one up next time myself but minus the stupid battery clamps that land Rover have decided to use on this vehicle, the only problem here is the bracket just down down the clamp, but I am hoping that I may be able to locate this somewhere.

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